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In this very short story I want to tell you how you can customize the built-in Django’s User Model and how you can have a customized username using Regex (Regular Expression).

I assume you know the basics of Python and Django, so I just start the step by step stages of customizing the Django’s User Model from “django.contrib.auth.models”.

The python and Django version for the sample codes in this story are:

Step 1:

So first start with the “” file in one of the apps of your project. Lets say our app here is “myapp”.

Then in in…

A friend of mine asked me to give advice for their product launch marketing strategies. I told him about the FAQ and how it can be helpful in different ways.

If you’re gonna launch a product that you don’t have lots of content about, a good FAQ is a very useful strategy to fulfill the lack of enough content.

Ok so I’m going to tell you “Why you need FAQ”:

1. While you are writing FAQs you’ll come up with lots of good content subjects about your product that could be produced. Lots of brilliant topics will come to your mind.

2. It is one of the most important contents and…

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