FAQ as a Marketing Strategy for Product Launch

A friend of mine asked me to give advice for their product launch marketing strategies. I told him about the FAQ and how it can be helpful in different ways.

If you’re gonna launch a product that you don’t have lots of content about, a good FAQ is a very useful strategy to fulfill the lack of enough content.

Ok so I’m going to tell you “Why you need FAQ”:

2. It is one of the most important contents and techniques for SEO of your website, and helps a lot. believe me you can have an excessive use from a good FAQ for SEO.

3. It can be used for customer support processes. your call center department can use it to answer the client. Even it can be used in the online customer care forms and support system.

4. It will diminish costs of customer support.

5. The number of call occurrences of users to the call center will decrease. As a result the call waiting time will dramatically decrease, so you’ll have a more satisfied user.

6. It is a kind of feed into your social media. Post new FAQ items or even the old ones that are most read by users into your social media. It will help get ahead of user questions.

Keep in mind if your product is a digital kind, keep your FAQ updated on every release. In this way it won’t look foolish to your new users.

There are lots of other marketing strategies for product launch, I’ll try to write about them later.

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